Canon GL2 MiniDV Digital Camcorder 20x Optical Zoom Review

Canon GL2 MiniDV Digital Camcorder 20x Optical Zoom Key Specs and Product Reviews

20x optical zoom lens (digital zoom to 100x) and image stabilizer 2.5-inch LCD with 270-degree rotation Record for up to 65 minutes on one battery charge A beam-splitting prism separates light passing through the lens into individual color components and each is sent to its own CCD. Record for up to 65 minutes on one battery charge 2.5-inch LCD with 270-degree rotation 20x optical zoom lens (digital zoom to 100x) and image stabilizer Record video to MiniDV tape or still photos to SD Card
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3 thoughts on “Canon GL2 MiniDV Digital Camcorder 20x Optical Zoom Review”

SGJOf says:

I would highly recommend.I will have to get another Camera! Camera has not worked since I got it .Not anything extraordinary but better than a typical tape camcorder of the time.Seller was extremely prompt with delivery.Durable and stands the test of time! This was really fantastic I like the company I bought it from and I love the camera I bought it for my 15 year old son just to play with and he loves it This camera is SPECTACULAR!!!! For about a year or two.It works really great..Overall best camera for features provided.good shape.I only waited a day and a half the camera works great plus they threw in a free dv tape for me .I found this camera for a great price, and it has done what we needed it to.Other than that the picture is very clear good zoom, I can’t use without all the parts or operating properly.

qcZzI says:

I love to skateboard, I also love to film it.I had to get an old computer to transfer.Now at Canon for repair.e.The camera came defective, it turns on and then turns itself off and the seller would not cambiarmela and I returned the money.I chose this camera because I had a lot of experience using it from other GL1 and GL2 owners and I’m still not disappointed. The eject button is a problem I purchased the camera used in a very good condition i received it very well nice working very good and seemed to be in a very good shape as the seller stated.It’s starting to show it’s age, though, with the abundance of HD cameras out now. The camcorder arrived in poor a condition.I suspect that many of these will start turning up in the used market in the near future since these well made camcorders will likely still be functional well into the hi-def age.I can’t transfer my movies easily.After looking online, I saw that a lot of others had the same problem, and that the only solution was to send it in for replacement of the tape drive mechanism — to the tune of $250.We considered several other camcorders within the same price range, but we decided on the GL2 because of recommendations, features, and Canon’s reputation.I’ve actually owned the precursor unit to this one, the GL1, and was also pleased with it.A fine machine in the field, 300 hours later I have had zero malfunctions and continue to be pleased by the diverse range of features.

PfIGML says:

Last year I started getting intermittant “Remove the Cassette” messages.You get what you pay for, and you get a lot from this camera.Image quality is great, especially for such a small and lightweight camera.This is one camera where you don’t have to read the instruction manual to figure it out.I paid $1900 for my GL-2 three years ago, and the most recent fix brings my grand total for repairs to $1600! Pros: Great video, great audio.I am a film student and have been using the GL2 for the past 2 years.I even take them on vacation!They have worked flawlessly in every instance.The image quality is superb! Just be sure that you buy a better battery, because the one that comes with doesn’t last too long.The image stabilizer works great even if you don’t have a steady hand, even full telephoto won’t make you nauseous.I’m just a 24 year old kid, so maybe my opinion means nothing to you.A pixel has blown.Cons: Too many controls per button; onboard microphone is omnidirectional; mediocre battery life with included cell.The picture is really great when the camera is new.Get a Canon 7D or 5D, the picture quality is what you need most, and this product no longer offers the goods.I’m getting pretty good at using manual settings to get rich colors and high quality shots.It has the right balance of manual controls and price.Fantastic quality picture, analong/digital converter throughput is great, small and lightweight.It is the port on the camera that is the problem.Every time i put my video in to watch, i cant beleive how beautifull the picture is.entry-content –><!– .

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