Canon VIXIA HV40 High Definition Camcorder Review

Canon VIXIA HV40 High Definition Camcorder Specs and Reviews

HDV format delivers high-definition video to miniDV tape Genuine Canon 10x HD video lens; SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer DIGIC DV II image processor; 24p Cinema Mode, 30p Progressive Mode 2.7-inch Multi-Angle Vivid Widescreen LCD HDMI terminal for easy, one-cable connectivity to your HDTV
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3 thoughts on “Canon VIXIA HV40 High Definition Camcorder Review”

hKcOe says:

When my Canon Elura100 died after a year of light use, I looked at taking the step up to a high definition camcorder.The image stabilization could be a little better, some of the Sony cams I’ve used are much more steady, but I’ve got a very good tripod and fluid head, so it’s only a problem when handheld..It shoots well in low light and as a bonus it takes great pictures.The vixia will let you edit from the camera, and what we do is edit from camera to edit machine.The high def quality is outstanding.I have a high end Canon HD video camera, but it is large and needs idealy to be used with a quality tripod .Had trouble streaming both video and audio through the firewire port, but otherwise the audio worked well in regular filming.I like the MiniDV format.The new HV40 has a couple of features that the HV30 didn`t have.The previous reviews were very helpful in my decision to purchase the HV40.All in all a very good afordable video camera Five Stars.Sometimes the established technology is better than the new stuff, and this is certainly the case when it comes to 720p HD video. Really great camera.Utter trash.the video stabilization![/review2][review3] Fantastic quality and direct, easy transfer to iMac auditing programs.I needed a 3rd for a recent shoot and went to buy another HV30 and noticed the price of it was over $1000 while the newer HV40 was about $800 on Amazon.5 years after buying.

OdQpX says:

No special softwares needed.In the manual it say’s to remove the battery when not in use.The particular one that I had received had a problem with playback however.The battery that comes with the camera is pretty much a joke as far a recording time.I returned it because the motor produces a distinct, pulsating whine that is clearly audible on the recorded audio. Just like you said, hope to do business with you again! A OK….I would recommend it to a novice filmmaker, because you can build upon this camera, and create pretty stunning video.However, the ergonomics are surprisingly poor.Works like a charm.I have had the camcorder for 2 months, and it had worked fine.If you have a small budget I would definitely recommend this camcorder.Upon further research, this is just the fact of the limitation of HDV, if you look at the specs.However, I had difficulty getting accessories for it:The mini SD memory card and HDV/DV cable are not popular in stores.Let me preface by stating that the unit is only 15 months old, the unit was never mishandled or jarred, or subjected to extreme conditions.The battery that it comes with does not last to long on a charge, or maybe I just left it connected to the camera.

HhlGwG says:

I bought the HV40 mainly because I thought that I could view with it also my old tapes recorded in HDTV with the HV20.[What I may lack in aptitude, I make up for in volume.It was a consumer camera so good and so ahead of its time that it remained on the market for four years – an eternity in the consumer electronics industry.I am simply upgrading from a Canon SD mini DV camcorder so I can view my home videos on our HD tv’s.Once converted, you can play back directly from external hard drive to PC to HDTV.So, as in my review of the PS3, I’m going to concentrate on those things that I think are important to the majority of people looking at camcorders on amazon.The only two categories in which they don’t list the HV30 as one of their best models are the “Best Pro Camcorders” list and the “Best Budget Camcorders” list .I am not advanced enough to even be able to tell differences between them, but if you read other reviews, you can see that there are slight differences.The first time you see your own movies in High Def, there’s nothing to say but wow.m2t files to my hard drive to archive them, but I could only use the camera and tape to play them back on my HDTV.Seems to me the price has not dropped much in all this time which must certainly tell you something about the demand for this camera! I bought it to record my dogs’ retrieving competitions, but -long story short – there have not been any more since injury and illness.I posted a very short video comparing my old Sony Handycam and the Canon.Many people will find it easier to manage recordings on tape, rather than in files.Whether you’re looking for your next “family” camcorder or looking at getting into professional videography, Canon’s new HV40 might very well be the camera that you are looking for.This is likely more camera than the casual user will need and some less expensive HD cameras are available for those not needing all of the features this camera offers.Coming from the flash-basedCanon VIXIA HFS10and hard-drive basedCanon VIXIA HG20, I needed to try out a DV camera to complete the trifecta.I’m by no means a video expert, but also not a newbie.Using a tape based video cassette recorder feels antiquated after giving up audio cassette tape recorder years ago for digital sound on MP3 player but I tried one hard drive AVCHD camcorder and I had to be return it because the grainy picture was way inferior to my previous Canon HV-20 camcorder.e.I thought the quality of the footage was great and they had some nice features.

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