GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition 4K Adventure Camera – 12MP Review

GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition 4K Adventure Camera – 12MP Key Specs and Product Review

Professional 4K30, 2.7K60 and 1080p120 video, 720p240 video for super slow-motion playback and 12MP photos at up to 30 frames per second Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support the GoPro App, Smart Remote and more Improved camera control and built-in video trimming lets you create and save short video clips right on your camera Protune with SuperView delivers cinema-quality capture and advanced manual control for photos and video with the world’s most immersive wide-angle field of view
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3 thoughts on “GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition 4K Adventure Camera – 12MP Review”

GFnyg says:

Doesn’t even turn on.Indoor performance with lower light it absolutely blows the white and a few leaps over the Silver 3+.This week it has been fairly well documented that while the new lens produces much sharper images under 4′, they are blurrier at distances greater than 4′.The camera boots up properly, but doesn’t move through the menu and you cannot record.The first one would turn on, but nothing more.Still works flawlessly, even the protective outer case has no scratches yet.Pros:* The image quality is superb.I am delighted to report that my unit is sharp as a tack at all distances.0 for the Hero3+ can capture all kinds of video you would never normally.Three issues I had that frustrated me to the point of returning….The battery life has improved so that you can record the highest setting with wifi on for about 90 i updated the firmware, then new batteries, then a new card and it worked again for a few more months then it started the well known Go Pro freeze.GoPro promised the Hero3+ Black was 30 percent sharper, longer battery life, and runs better.This camera is in my opinion the best of all the GoPro’s…the new Hero 4 has way more than i need for my work so i can’t justify the extra price.I was able to pry it out and it looked like the battery overheated at some point.I was delighted when i received mine and it seemed to operate as advertised.Be careful about purchasing a memory card.Price wise, Sony models are pretty reasonable, so I bought its AS10 to try it out.He also has persuaded the TV station he works with to purchase some of these and they use these when they want to add action shots from a perspective that you could not get from a standard professional camera.

WDEJp says:

Reading all the reviews and ravs about this lil guy I decided to go for it.We got the filter for diving and got amazing photos.Battery life is only about an hour shooting vid in hd. Love this camera, I had the Hero 4 silver but it came with lens issues, so I had ask for a refund , so when I got my money back I bought the hero 3+ black… personally was the best decision, because it has almost the same features without the lcd screen, but I always use my phone to adjust the camera so the lcd screen is not a big deal for me.It takes shoots great video and is ruggedized.Would love for it to include a wrist strap as well however.I bought the extra wrist strap and it broke, the first time, in the first seconds we used it.I have found for me that "continuous photo at 1 per second" or the "video and photo" are good basic settings for me.Only down fall is the audio quality.Is really light in weight and can be transported easy.Tried to update it numerous times and kept getting a “wireless setting update failed” the item was refurbished but this one shouldn’t of got resold.My vision poses a problem reading the small front screen menus .Well this camera has let her see what I do from 400, 500, 600 feet up. In a world of action cameras this is the best.The negative aspect is that the stills are OK, but only OK and there is no zoom.The current firmware version is quite functional but has issues in that it frequently uses timing intervals to resolve functional ambiguity – translation – it’s slow to respond so don’t hurry the camera when changing modes, or other functions including shutdown and start-ups or you might get into trouble with looping due to inadequate timing code break points designed to resolve nested looping errors – i.– quite small, compact and light– great image quality – lots of mounting options to attach to anythingThe bad:– Longer videos sometimes gives me the headache since there is no stabilizer on the camera, you need to have a stable hands when taking videos.

LMHDwU says:

I bought this camera for one reason: To capture memories from a scuba diving trip my brother & I had planned for Monterey Bay in California.It is waterproof, not just water resistant, to 60 meters.I did find a few things worth noting for anyone considering this camera, though.Fairly easy to navigate through the menus.Here’s the video I made http://youtu.My only kinda sorta slightly negative is that the super wide default setting is really WIDE.I need this repaired or exchanged .The battery life was too short.It got switch off automatically and then that was it… I tried all possible hacks that I could find over internet but none if them worked.I bought the Smatree Battery and Charger.I have purchased newer 4k capable cameras from a couple of the better reviewed lower cost brands like Yi and Akaso – just buy a older gopro and don’t waste your time with these.Plus missing dust cover for ST card slot Worked lovely until a recent firmware update rendered the recorded sound floor super low .I had an older version and there was no way to see what you were shooting.He has had the HERO 3 for a couple of weeks and just loves the app for his droid.I’ve had a Silver for nearly a year, and never had an issue.It is so clunky to use you might as well just give up on the wireless it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t.Bought it right before a trip to the Azores and was so glad that I did.I don’t like that the corny "Hero" crap turns video and filmmaking into a Red Bull-chugging X-TREEM bro-fest, but whatever.

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