ITRONICS iPass Black ITB-100SPW Smart WiFi FullHD Vehicle Driving Recorder CAR Black BOX Review

ITRONICS iPass Black ITB-100SPW Smart WiFi FullHD Automobile Driving Recorder Vehicle Black BOX Product Reviews as well as Key Specs

  • Full High definition (1920×1080) Continuous Recording
  • WiFi Entry & Wireless interworking with Smartphone
  • Voice Guidance
  • Built-in GPS
  • Higher Luminance Security LED

Who Bought ITRONICS iPass Black ITB-100SPW Wise WiFi FullHD Vehicle Traveling Recorder CAR Black Container Also Reviews

ITRONICS New ITB-100HD SP “Smart Plus” 30 Frames per second 1080p HD Car Digital recording device “Black Box” Recorder with Gps navigation specs

ITRONICS ITB-100HD SP Specification

Camera : Zoom lens 1/2.7″ Large CMOS, 2 magapixels 144 diploma angle

ReCording :
— Compression Method : They would.264
– Variable Quality : FULL HD(1920×1080), High definition(1280×720), D1(720×480)
– Variable Body : 15, 24, 30fps
– 3-axis Acceleration Sensing unit : Built-in

Special Specifications
– Automated Running Mode : Available
— Video out : Backed(NTSC)
– Voice documenting : MIC Built-in
– Audio-video OUT : supprts live vide…..

iTronics ITB-500HD iPass BLACK 2 Funnel HD Car Black Container Vehicle Driving Recorders with Power Avoidance Console product specifications vs

iTronics ITB-500HD iPass BLACK 2 Channel HD Car Black Box Vehicle Driving Recorder with Power Prevention Console
Taking a look associated with iPass Black ITB-500HD, each camera displays an elegant dark tube body and capacity for capturing video along with superb quality quality of 1280 x 720 pixels in the rate of 24fps. Using its preferred cylinder physique, it has great measurements, and includes lots of features such as automobile and traffic info, real-time video monitoring, numerous recording modes, G sensing unit for event documenting, Voice Guide, LED indicator and more.

The iPass Black ITB-500HD boasts higher qu……

ITRONICS iPass Black ITB-100SPW CAR DASH Camera SET With UPC Uninterrupted-Power Cable television ITV-80 Bundle SET

ITRONICS iPass Black ITB-100SPW CAR DASH CAM SET With UPC Uninterrupted-Power Cable ITV-80 Bundle SET
iTronics iPass Black ITB-100SPW – Technical specifications — Camera: 2M pixels1/2.7″ large CMOS Sensing unit – Video Quality: 1080P (1920×1080) FULL HD Maximum 30fps (Option : 720P, D1 also) — Video Codec / Data format: H.264 / Avi format – Angle associated with View: Wide Angled 142 ? (H:102? / Sixth is v: 73?) – Wi-Fi: Indeed / IEEE 802.11b/g for Smart phone connection (Built-in) – Effect sensor: YES Or 3axis G-sensor (Built-in) – GPS: Indeed / Driving pace display, Map Coordinating (Built-in) – Memory: SD Card : 8 G/ 16G Or 32GB / 64G……

Finevu NEW CR-500HD 16gb Complete Hd Record Vehicle Vehicle Black Box Recorders Camera Racing 1920x1080p@30fps w/SONY CMOS Sensing unit specs

Finevu NEW CR-500HD 16gb Full Hd Record Car Vehicle Black Box Recorder Camera Racing 1920x1080p@30fps w/SONY CMOS Sensor
Sony Exmor CMOS Sensing unit 2MP FULL HD High quality Video Recording with Quick Lens Customized Documenting Modes 1080p Full High definition / 720 HD Documenting Frame 30fps / 24fps Or 15fps / 5 fps Handy 5 Buttons Operations (Picture Shooting / Car parking Surveillance Mode Or Power On/Off for Built-in Electric battery / Emergency Documenting / Audio Documenting) Voice Function (Security alarm & Announcement) Continuous Cycle Recording Emergency Transportable Recording Impact Or Accident Recording along with 3 Axis G-Sensor (Data in separate file) Built-In ……

BlackVue New 2 Channel DR650GW-2CH 16GB along with Power Magic Pro, Vehicle Black Box/Car DVR Recorder, Built-in Wi-Fi, Complete HD(1080p@30fps), up to 64 gb support

BlackVue New 2 Channel DR650GW-2CH 16GB with Power Magic Pro, Car Black Box/Car DVR Recorder, Built-in Wi-Fi, Full HD(1080p@30fps), up to 64GB support
2CH Front & Back Cameras, Wi-Fi Feature, Complete HD Video: Hd & High Frame Price, Extended recording period with a high data compresion rate 2 megapixel CMOS sensing unit, Built-in microphone, High-Capacity Memory Card Assistance (up to 64GB) Numerous Recording Modes, Movement Detection in Parking Setting Recording, 360 rotator cylinder in sleek style, Full HD tag Universal File Format: Mp4 format, Video Playback upon various devices, BlackVue Application and Software(with regard to PC), MyWay Viewer Built-in Gps navigation and G-sensor, Int……

BlackVue New DR600GW-HD 16GB, Vehicle Black Box/Car DVR Recorder, Built-in Wi-Fi, Complete HD, G Sensor, Gps navigation, 16GB SD Card Included, up to 64GB support specifications Review

BlackVue New DR600GW-HD 16GB, Car Black Box/Car DVR Recorder, Built-in Wi-Fi, Full HD, G Sensor, GPS, 16GB SD Card Included, upto 64GB support
BlackVue Viewer (PC/MAC) – View front and rear side associated with recorded videos, examine speed and location track route of vehicle on the internet Maps Blackvue App with regard to smartphone……

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