Lomography Lomokino 35mm Movie Maker and Lomokinoscope Package 421 Review

Lomography Lomokino 35mm Movie Producer and Lomokinoscope Package 421 Specifications and Product Reviews

  • Utilizes any kind of 35mm movie.
  • Simple shooting — just rotate the actual advancing crank in order to shoot your movie
  • Aperture configurations from f/5.6 to f/11, could be changed during shooting
  • Structures per. roll (Thirty six exp.): 144 frames
  • Movies may be easily uploaded and discussed, or when chance with slide movie and developed in E-6 biochemistry you can use the useful Kinoscope Viewer (Included) to see your movie.

Who Purchased Lomography Lomokino 35mm Movie Producer and Lomokinoscope Package 421 Additionally Review

Lomography 35mm 36 Publicity 800 ISO film- 3 pack product specifications vs

Lomography 35mm 36 Exposure 800 ISO film- 3 pack
Don’t quit detail and vividness for speed. Along with Lomography’s 800 ISO 35mm film you will get catch super fast motion at very low mild with astounding fine detail and exposure with out all that graininess associated with high-speed films…..

Lomography 603 35 millimeters 100/36 ISO Fine Color Unfavorable Film – 3 Comes in a Pack (Red-colored) specs Review

Lomography 603 35 mm 100/36 ISO Fine Color Negative Film - 3 Rolls in a Pack (Red)
Only the best in analog emulsions for your ever-hungry Logographic digital camera. Process a move of Loom Fine Colour 35mm Film with regard to unbelievable colors, large contrast, small feed, and fine quality. Each pack consists of 3 rolls of 36-exposure Logographic Colour Negative film — your VIP (quite interesting photographer) ticket in order to flat-out-awesome results. Film functions happily with all Negatives cameras, including the Fisheye, Fisheye 2, Helga Negatives and Action sampler. Acquire some analog love. Brought in…

Lomography 400 ASA 36 exp 35mm colour film 3 pack versus

Lomography 400 ASA 36 exp 35mm color film 3 pack
Lomographic 35mm ISO 400 Color Unfavorable (Print) Film is really a medium speed movie for general objective shooting.

A versatile, all-around high-speed movie

High sensitivity that allows pictures to be captured actually under insufficient mild conditions..

Lomography X-PRO Slide Movie 200 35mm 3-Pack item specs vs

Lomography X-PRO Slide Film 200 35mm 3-Pack
Just the finest in analog emulsions for the ever-hungry Lomographic camera. Process the roll of Lomo Good Color 35mm Movie for unbelievable colours, huge contrast, little grain, and good resolution. Each load up includes 3 rolls associated with 36-exposure repackaged and very sought after RSX II slide movie. – your Very important personel (very interesting photographer) solution to flat-out-awesome results. Tell you C-41 chemistry for some supertaturated as well as edgy results. Film functions happily with all Negatives cameras, including the Fisheye, Fis……

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Holga Manual Shoe Mount Flash with a GN of 22 meters (72 feet)
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FUJIFILM FP-100C 3.25 X 4.25 Inches Professional Instant Color Film
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