Rear View Safety RVS-770616N Video Camera with 7-Inch LCD Reviews

Rear View Safety RVS-770616N Camcorder with 7-Inch LCD Crucial Specs and Item Reviews

  • Color CCD infra-red weather proof back-up camera
  • 7″ DIGITAL TFT LCD colour rear view monitor along with universal mount/stand
  • 18 infra red lighting allow you to see as much as 50 feet actually in the darkest night

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Rear View Security RVS-770613 Video Camera with 7.0-Inch Liquid crystal display (Black) specs

Rear View Safety RVS-770613 Video Camera with 7.0-Inch LCD (Black)
This backup digital camera system is complete with a superior 7″ DIGITAL TFT LCD colour monitor with distance power grid lines and reflection image capability, the 3 channel multiplexer (can link a DVD participant or other cameras) along with automatic system switch, 130° Razor-sharp CCD backup camera along with 50 foot infra-red evening vision and all the cables, connectors and brackets you will need. The rear look at camera system is totally weather proof with an IP68 score, strong and dependable, shock resistant, having a 20G vibrati….

Quick Connect Disconnect Package for Camera Program vs

Quick Connect Disconnect Kit for Camera System
Trailer Tow line Quick Connect/Disconnect Kit, Each side are 5 PIN Feminine with Screw on Fittings.

Camera length of cable television is 66′ and you have 26′ Cable television going to multiplexer. The pigtail extends to 12′. This cable enables your backup digital camera to be quickly connected/disconnected out of your 5th wheel, tractor truck, trailer or almost any other application in which you want connect/disconnect your back upward camera…..

Camco 40055 Brass Drinking water Pressure Regulator Review and specifications

Camco 40055 Brass Water Pressure Regulator
Camco RV Brass Drinking water Pressure Regulator helps to safeguard the RV plumbing related and hoses through damage caused by high-pressure town water. Reduce drinking water pressure to a secure, consistent 40-50 lbs associated with operational pressure. Safeguards equipment and helps prevent hose failure, to assist prolong equipment existence. (FGH x MGH) Patented. For outdoor usage only. …..

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Camco 39761 RhinoFLEX 15' Sewer Hose Kit with Swivel Fitting
Camco’s Recreational vehicle RhinoFLEX 15′ Sewer Hose Package with RhinoFlex Hose as well as Swivel Fittings includes a super tough bayonet fitted with four prongs for any more secure fit. In the dump-station end we’ve additional an easily detachable 4-in-1 clear elbow adapter with regard to fitting to 3″ slide or 3″, 3-1/2″ and 4″ threaded plumbing. It’s a ready-to-use kit created using the toughest hose you can purchase. The fittings swiveling and feature reusable securing rings so that fixtures can be moved to a brand new RhinoFLEX hose. It includes the ba…..

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Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector
Camco TastePURE RV Water Filter along with Flexible Hose Guard reduces bad flavor, odor, chlorine as well as sediment in drinking water having a 100 micron fiber filter. Durable in-line, outside mount filter has a broader body to increase movement. Includes flexible hose pipe protector to minimize kinking that may impede water flow…….

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