Sony DCR-HC52 MiniDV Handycam Camcorder with 40x Optical Zoom Reviews

Sony DCR-HC52 MiniDV Handycam Camcorder with 40x Optical Zoom Product Review

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3 thoughts on “Sony DCR-HC52 MiniDV Handycam Camcorder with 40x Optical Zoom Reviews”

JLUbm says:

It lacks macrotele, it lacks timelapse, it lacks still photo capacity , the menu screen is much less friendly than the HC48. We have had the camera for a month now, and have been extremely happy with it so far.It’s amazing in the extreme.I did not want a hard drive, or DVD.i love that you can transfer videos if you have 1394 cable and card… but what if you don’t have either one.I have also taken it on several international vacations to supplement my digital camera where there are action scenes such as dancing.Returned.It has features exactly as described by Amazon and the price was right for us.I hooked it up with 3 different NEW I Link Cables, 2 PC’s with Vista 64 bit and one with Win XP laptop and to a DVD/VCR 1394 connection.[/review2][review3] It works fine and is unique since one can’t generally buy mini DV camcorders anymore.They are no longer available from Sony.I wish I had spent a bit more money to get something that would have had more bells and whistles.I’ve had that camera for 9+ years and have loved it.Went to Best Buy and they recomended this one as well.My first one got soaked by a rogue wave and died a slow, moist death .

zkkyL says:

I got this one to play back the 70 mini DV cartridges that my failed mini DV HC46 can no longer play back.I have a Panasonic DVX100B, and I initially purchased this camera as a low cost video deck alternative, so I wouldn’t wear out the motor on the DVX while downloading video footage into my computer…and this camera serves that purpose very well.I can still film with it but can no longer review or play back or any other functions on the touch screen. This is a great little video camera. i like it I bought this camera for my Uncle. I previously had a Sony DVC camcorder, but the screen did not first experience in doing so.Right outta the box, this one is not recognized by 3 different PCs, all having firewire ports, all having WinXP, tried with a variety of 4-pin to 6-pin cables.I have heard no complaints from him, so he must be happy..Camera did not come with a power cord.That is way too long.COLOR SATURATION IS LOW.The product met all my expectations.

YsJAmE says:

I wanted the same model that I bought from Best Buy about 7 years ago. I owned an older model DV Sony camera.Just what I needed to work with all my old mini tapes. love it want another one when this one has reached its life span.Zoom button s located too close to the eye piece.(not really sure that means anything.Nothing to transfer them off of and to upload to CD.Only a little lack of info on Amazon site, but easily obtainable on Sony site was the lens size/thread pitch so a wide angle lens could be purchased.None of them make the noise this one does.entry-content –><!– .Sony has done it again.and its old the anolog suck’s and the dv version is 50-100 bucks more so dont waist your hard earned dough on this! I bought this for my husband who wanted it to film his hunting trips.Night shot plus and steady shot IS make difference..

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