Sony Hi8 Camcorder 8mm Cassettes 120 Minute Reviews

Sony Hi8 Camcorder 8mm Cassettes 120 Minute Key Specs and Product Reviews

Hi8 120-minute Brilliant Color and Sound Metal Particle Sony. Our media is your memory.
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3 thoughts on “Sony Hi8 Camcorder 8mm Cassettes 120 Minute Reviews”

cbALR says:

The price was good, and since we use about 1 tape per week on trips, I bought 2 packages for our coming vacation … wanting to get them while they were still in stock. Way overpriced but we needed them I purchased these cassettes for my video recorder.I am an active member of a muscial band and we perform about every week.I also purchased a video capture product and I can convert my Sony-can tapes to DVD and send them out to all the family foe gifts.Discovered the day before Christmas that I did not have any blank tapes to record the family events.Cameras using tapes are being replaced with camera using various storage cards.Appear to be good quality and have been stored well.I’ve used this product for years without any problems and the veiwings had excellent quality in both sound and picture.I’ve never had a problem with them when shooting in some rather extreme situations.[/review1][review2] It worksLove they still have thisGreat quality Nice to find these vintage tapes Excellent product!! Works really great! Thank you so much!! 🙂 good quality just what I needed Thank You Very durable tape, woks great.

DVcfM says:

My Sony cam still works great and being able to get these tapes makes filming the grandkids easy. This was what I needed. It may not be new technology, but it still holds 1 hour of video at a reasonable price.No problems.The unit keeps on trucking or I should say flawlessly recording & playing back priceless moments! they work great in my old camera Great I’ve filled a lot of these tapes and never had a problem recording or importing. This tape is just perfect.I have never been disappointed by the Sony brand.I received the tapes in a short period of time and will definstely order from this seller again.Then I go back and record all their stats while I watch the game, pausing and rewinding to get it right.17, all through that week at a Huge 4 Wheel Drive Race in Cleves, Ohio,GRAVELRAMA 2014….These work perfectly in our camcorder!! Thank you for carrying these.

XUitpH says:

You put them in the camcorder and record on them.Amazon has th ebest price consistently and they are getting hard to find at offline stores now.i recommend these tapes.Other than that one tape, they have been excellent for recording, giving a clear image of whatever I am taping.Great quality, decent price, good service on an item that is getting harder to find.Glad you still have these available for my old technology.Fair price as well. just what I wanted No complaints about these Camcorder Cassettes.Output is in nice, clear video.I recommend highly.These make the battery go dad faster I was so glad to find these tapes here.,.AAA+++ very happy with this product[/review5][review6] I’ve been using the Sony Hi8 tapes since my daughter was born in 2003.entry-content –><!– .

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