Toshiba’s CAMILEO X416 Full HD Camcorder Review

Toshiba’s CAMILEO X416 Full HD Camcorder Review and Key Specs

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3 thoughts on “Toshiba’s CAMILEO X416 Full HD Camcorder Review”

glzfr says:

The design and the feel is Better than most of the Sony or Canon I tried. I did quite a bit of re-search on this camera and I feel like it’s okay for the price but that image quality was no where near as good as I thought it would be.This new version is awesome.I have to buy another that will work, expensive lesson learned.I got it used and sometimes it would freeze or shut off, but the video quality’s pretty good.მხოლოდ გაითვალისწინეთ ერთი მომენტი: ელემენტი საკმაოდ მალე ჯდება საათნახევარში და გადაღებისას სიფრთხილე გმართებთ! თუ ხანგრძლივ გადაღებაზე ფიქრობთ შიეძინეთ დამატებითი ელემენტი.You won’t like anything else.The Toshiba X416 doesn’t deserve even one-star.This camera doesn’t have a manual focus mode so if you try to record sports video or a lot of movement the auto focus keeps going in & out of focus.I first purchased the X400 model.The image stabilization feature is nice. Worse recording device ever.When the camera was on a tripod stationary within a well lit hall it’s auto focus feature would focus, then get blurry, focus, and go back and forth throughout the entire recording – defiantly not a feature you would want and no way to disable auto focus either.Given this and bad reviews.Works well with a good lighting setup.I used this camera on tripod to shoot a sports event and the camera zooms in and out constantly.The camera came without batteries and charge cable came without the product.

FKYoB says:

Auto focus never stops.This camera does really poorly in less-than-perfect light, it doesn’t maintain focus, and is all around a terrible product.WRONG!!! the closest place from the USA to have a replacment battery was in the Netherlands….Print this page and bring it along with your Toshiba X416 Camcorder to any store – and receive 30% off a new Z100HD….The video is smooth, camera is functional and easy to use.Not too many controls.entry-content –><!– .

zzgiiZ says:

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